White Label Travel Portal

White Label Solution is rebrand and reselling products as your own

As a travel entrepreneur, your first thought is to set up your own brand and build your own customized travel product or solution. But it’s challenging to build a product from scratch and manage every aspect from product development to marketing in this competitive travel industry. So It’s a great thought to get a white label online travel portal solution that is easily integrated into their online portal to get more revenue.

We bring to you the best white label online travel portal solution, which is the best white label solution for travel agents, travel agencies, tour operators, travel management companies, destination management companies and travel portal development companies to automate travel business processes and increase business profitability.

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White Label Websites

Our white-label integration services use some of the most progressive travel technology solutions to offer complete travel-related content to your website from suppliers so that you provide quick, cost-effective and flaw-free service.

What is White-Label Solution?

A white label solution is a digital service or product that one company develops and then sells to another company after rebranding. We help you develop a white label solution that you can rebrand and resell to your clients under your own name and logo.

Simply, it is a solution where products/services are developed by one company (Company A), and these products/services are sold by another company (Company B) under their own brand name or logo.

So, in other words, Provider travel brings you the best solutions of white label products and services that you can sell to other companies with your own branding.

Why White Label Solution?

White-Label Solution is a product or service that can be rebranded and resold as your own to clients. Company A refers to the developer of White Label Solution, and company B refers to the one who rebrands and resells the product already developed by company A.

The name Provider Travel stands out as a prominent travel technology company when it comes to the provision of innovative white label solutions for travel operation and management companies, destination companies, airlines, travel agents and agencies, tour operators and other travel-related organizations.

You can get a variety of travel portals with advanced B2B/B2C business models. The portals can be used for hotels, tours, transfers, activities, packages, flights, etc. Our designed white label portal will automate your travel business processes and will also increase your revenues.
We deliver highly-tailored white label solutions on the basis of clients’ business needs, and our travel IT exerts design and develop white label portals using the latest trending technology.

Our White-Label Online Travel Portal allows a travel agent to easily integrate travel inventory such as availability and rates and availability from the world suppliers into their travel portal or website. The portal also incorporates Third Party API Integration features that can be utilized to sell flights, hotels, packages, transfers, and activities online with comparatively more significant response time and important travel data to give the customers a better experience.

White-Label supports multi currency and multi language features to give travel agents and consumers the ease of online search and book functionality as well as travel options in their native language and currency, enhancing the customer booking experience.

Travel agents have complete control over their website’s design, including the ability to submit their own logo, market their chosen travel services, and much more. White-Label is a rebranded white label solution or product that provides the greatest website development with custom website design.
Another key part of White-Label is the White Label Travel API, which enables tour managers and travel companies to get access to the most comprehensive selection of worldwide travel content for transfers, restaurants, hotels, flights and other travel activities. Provider Travel brings you the perfect B2B/B2C Booking Engine Platform with comprehensively user-friendly options and features.

White Label API Integration is best suited for travel businesses who are looking for flight booking services, hotel booking services, transfer booking services, package booking services, activity booking services, restaurants, and car rental reservation services.

Provider Travel is the best platform to choose as your White Label Online Travel Portal developer for travel agents. We will give them the best deals of B2B/B2C white label travel websites/booking engines and build a brand presence without costing you much.

What do we get in Whitelabel?

  • Multi-currency and multiple languages, so we are partnered with our white label solution to enhance your global travel services with ease and trustworthy support
  • The clients with a global inventory of 1000+ GDS, LCC Airlines & New Distribution Capability (NDC) Airlines, 700,000 Hotel Properties across the global market, 147,000 Car Rental Inventory, CMS Holiday Packages
  • B2C Business to Consumer, B2B Business to Business, B2E, Business Corporate, B2B2B Business to Business to Business selling features
  • Custom payment gateway integrations, or you can use our payment gateway for online payment
  • Generate invoice payments for customers or agents
  • Admin panel monitors all the users, bookings, payments and website pages, reporting, mark-up setups, etc

Manage and Control your Travel Business

The travel company can set up profiles for corporations by adding all the information for a contact, financial data for invoices, individual profiles for their travelers, travel policies, restrictions, locations, divisions and user roles. The entered data for the traveler will be automatically populated in the new booking.

The travel company chooses a credit limit and sets the payment method, credit line or credit card or both for each of its corporate clients. The booking system also allows the travel company to set different markups for each client.

Huge selection
of Flights & hotels

You can choose an appropriate option from over 850+ airlines, 1,700,000 hotels, and cars at great prices.


You can quickly book hotels and other travel-related services at great prices in a single system with a user-friendly interface.

Comprehensive booking management

Real-time access to online bookings, availability of stock, cancellation policies, business rules.

Unlimited travel agents and sub-agents

You can create unlimited agents and control on permission levels.

What are the Benefits of a White Label Solution?

  • Highly Customized Solutions
  • Easily integrate into travel portal/website
  • Rebrand and Resell Product as your own
  • Expand Product Offering of travel agents
  • Allows Travel Agent to focus on core business processes
  • Website and Booking Engine Optimization for Search Engines
  • Build a Strong Customer base in Global Market
  • Increase in Business Sales and Profitability

Why Choose Us?

We are a leading travel technology company that creates white label travel portals for travel agencies, tour operators, and organizations worldwide.

Our white label travel website is an online booking system that enables travel agencies to effortlessly and rapidly offer hotels, flights, vacations, and other travel products to their clients. Our white label travel website allows them to manage all of their financial transactions online and generate various data to help them run their business more efficiently.